Cartoon Forum tributes

The aim of the Cartoon Tributes is to reward outstanding achievements, companies or personalities that have had a positive and dynamic influence on TV animation industry over the last year.

All professionals attending the Cartoon Forum vote on site for their favourite nominee in 3 categories: Broadcaster, Investor/distributor and Producer of the Year. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday 13 September during lunch. The winners will receive a Cartoon Tributes trophy, symbol of the professional recognition from their peers.

Winners 2018


  • Broadcaster of the Year
    Finnish broadcasting company (YLE) | Finland
  • Investor/Distributor of the Year
    9 Story Distribution International | Ireland
  • Producer of the Year
    Folimage | France

Previous winners


  • Broadcaster of the year: France Télévisions (France)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Beta Film (Germany)
  • Producer of the year: Dandelooo (France)
  • Cartoon Tribute of Honour: Patrick Eveno, General Director of Citia and of The Annecy International Animation Film Festival


  • Broadcaster of the year: M6 (France)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Cake Entertainment (UK)
  • Producer of the year: Autour de Minuit (France)


  • Broadcaster of the year: CBBC – BBC Children’s (United Kingdom)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Superights (France)
  • Producer of the year: Vivement Lundi ! (France)


  • Broadcaster of the year: CANAL+ (France)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Mediatoon Distribution (France)
  • Producer of the year: Les Films de l’Arlequin (France)


  • Broadcaster of the year: Super RTL - RTL Disney Fernsehen (Germany)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: ZDF Enterprises (Germany)
  • Producer of the year: Grid Animation (Belgium)
  • Toulouse Metropole Tribute: Xbo Films


  • Producer of the year: Jam Media (Ireland)
  • Broadcaster of the year: GULLI (France)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Monster Entertainment (Ireland)


  • Producer of the year: Monster Animation (Ireland)
  • Broadcaster of the year: RTE (Ireland)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: awol animation (France)


  • Producer of the year: TeamTO (France)
  • Broadcaster of the year: YLE (Finland)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Moonscoop (France)


  • Producer of the year: Brown Bag Films (Ireland)
  • Broadcaster of the year: NRK (Norway)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Cake Entertainment (UK)


  • Producer of the year: Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)
  • Broadcaster of the year: France 3 (France)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Rubber Duck Entertainment (UK)


  • Producer of the year: TV Cartoons (UK)
  • Broadcaster of the year: Televisió de Catalunya (Spain)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Luk Internacional (Spain)


  • Producer of the year: A. Film A/S (Denmark)
  • Broadcaster of the year: BBC Children’s (UK)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Icon Animation (Spain)
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