Catch-up sessions 2021

Cartoon Forum 2021 is moving forward to integrate learnings from the past months. We want to take advantage of our new online knowledge to bring an additional touch to our event on site: a more complete and efficient experience, multiplying the business opportunities. That’s why we created the Catch-up sessions.

What are the Catch-up sessions?

During the sessions, pre-recorded projects’ pitches created by the producers will be displayed. These short videos will provide key and straight-to-the-point elements of the selected projects. It will be the producers’ choice to offer a Catch-up session, it won’t be compulsory.

The catch-up sessions will only appear at the end of the day, on Thursday 23 September, when all live pitches (in Toulouse) are done.

The Catch-up sessions will be available online on Cartoon's digital platform until 15 October.

What and who are they for?

In one new feature, the Catch-up Sessions will allow both:
- Cartoon Forum 2021 participants to watch or re-watch a pitch at their own pace after the event (until 15 October).

- and buyers who cannot join on site to have online-only access to projects’ pitches. This provides extra opportunities to the producers to attract potential partners, investors or distributors.

The extra advantages of the digital platform

Additionally, Cartoon's platform provides other features that will come in handy to facilitate contacts and share more information.

  • For each Catch-up Session, online buyers will be able to fill in a Feedback form in order to express interest and share remarks. The form is then sent to the producer of the project.
  • The platform also presents a list of all the registered participants with their contact information and offers the possibility to chat with the people who are connected. An easy way to get in touch and discuss further.

Our goal is to offer each project as much visibility as possible in order to increase its chances to find investments and secure international distribution.

Technical specifications for the pre-recorded pitch

  • MP4 (H.264, compression method) file in HD 1080 (1920x1080px, 10Mbs – 20Mbs bitrate), with Audio codec AAC-LC (low-complexity).
  • Sound quality: Pay particular attention to the sound quality of your video, voices should be clear and understandable
  • Start with still image: The video should start on a still image with a visual of your project along with the following information: Title / Names of the main production company and co-producers (or logos)
  • Videos will be hosted on Vimeo (they will only be available for registered participants who clicked on the direct link).

For more detailed information, please have a look in MyChecklist (login and password sent by email).


Pre-recorded pitches to be sent to

Deadline: 10 September 2021