Cartoon app form

The “Cartoon App form” is the summary of the information about your selected project to be published in the Cartoon mobile application. Please review the information on your check-list, checking each element as listed below.

Elements to validate
Pay particular attention to the following:

  • Are all co-producers listed? 
  • Are all directors / authors and scriptwriters / graphic authors included?
  • Is the name and contact details of the contact person(s) on site for your projects well stated?

Other elements to check:

  • Title 
  • Duration 
  • Animation technique(s) 
  • Producer(s) & co-producer(s) information 
  • Name(s) of the director(s) 
  • Name of the author(s), graphic author(s), scriptwriter(s) & adaptation information 
  • Target audience (can not be changed after selection) 
  • Synopsis (in English, max. 700 characters including spaces) 
  • Transmedia support(s) 
  • Sales agent (only for categories Production/Sneak preview)
  • Sold to (only for categories Production/Sneak preview)

Please note that if you haven’t reviewed your project’s information by the set deadline we will consider the information correct.

➢ 11 December: Validation of the information on the due page ( You can modify your information until 28 February, after this date, we cannot guarantee that your changes will be included in the application.