Pitching sessions

The pitching sessions will take place every day in 2 studios simultaneously. The aim of the pitching session is to enable you to present your project to all the broadcasters, financial partners and new platform representatives interested in your project, at once. 


The maximum length of your pitch depends on the category of your project

Projects in concept

Each project in concept will be individually presented in 10 minutes. CARTOON will group several projects in concept (4 to 5) for a one-hour presentation, coordinated by a chairperson.

Projects in development

Your session will last no more than 20 min + 5 min at the beginning and at the end of the presentation to let people get in and out of the room (30 min in total). Save some time at the end of the presentation for questions or feedback from the floor (the chairperson will help you with this part).

Films in production / in sneak preview

Your session will last no more than 20 min + 5 min at the beginning and at the end of the presentation to let people get in and out of the room (30 min in total).

  • For films in production: presentation of 15 min max. followed by a 5 min extract of your film (animated images).
  • For films in sneak preview: presentation of 3 min max. followed by a 15 min extract of your film (animated images). (15 min can be split into several extracts).

To be well prepared

When preparing your recorded pitch think about:

  • your project’s concept with the description of the characters and the storylines, 
  • your project’s graphics, 
  • the target audience, 
  • the negotiating rights, 
  • the production business plan, 
  • the budget, 
  • the state of advancement of the financial arrangements,
  • Your expectations in terms of business at Cartoon Movie (what kind of partners you are looking for).

Don't forget that your Chairperson is here to help.


You can pitch your project in English, French, Spanish, Italian & German. There's a team of translators in the pitching room. They will simultaneously translate your pitch for the participants.


The producers who pitch a project are standing up. We have observed that the best pitching sessions are mostly done by people who leave their seat and stand up with the microphone in front of the public. The goal is clearly to go for a more dynamic pitch and more entertainment. For more emotions. To talk with conviction and enthusiasm.

Extra Time Corner

A special area will be set up just outside each studio to continue discussions initiated during the pitching session. After the presentation, you can go to the Extra Time corner to welcome people interested in your film.

Compulsory rehearsals for new producers
(never pitched before at Cartoon Movie, Forum or 360)

Producers who pitch for the first time at Cartoon Movie have to arrive in Bordeaux on Tuesday 8 March by 2 pm to rehearse the presentation with the chairperson. We will communicate you online the exact time of your rehearsal in February. Please inform your co-producers, if any. Note that it does not replace the technical meeting.

Compulsory technical meeting for all producers

In addition, to be fully prepared for your presentation and to avoid any technical problems, you will have a technical meeting on the day of your presentation in your allocated studio with the technician of the room. The exact time will be communicated to you online in February. The technical meeting is compulsory (whether you are a new producer or not)

List of Attendees

We will scan the badges of the people entering the studio. The list of attendees will be sent to you and your chairperson after the pitching session.

Feedback forms

Buyers will have the possibility to send you their feedback directly through Cartoon application.

Sending of promotional material

Here is the address in Bordeaux where you can send promotional material in relation with your project if you don't want to carry it with you.

Palais des Congrès de Bordeaux
Cartoon office (F1+F2)
Avenue Jean Gabriel Domergue
33300 Bordeaux – France
T. +33 5 56 11 99 00

Event: Cartoon Movie 2022
Please, indicate: the title of the project, the number of parcels and the content sent.

You parcel should not reach this location before 4 March and it will be available in the Cartoon Office on site from 8 March. We will not accept responsibility for parcels that will not arrive on time.