Cartoon Movie 2021 Online - Highlights

Cartoon Movie 2021 Online - Highlights

We've see some crazy pitching sessions! (here, the team of "Bear Park")

The 2 days of Cartoon Movie Online went as a breeze.
The digital platform allowed us to attend live presentations, chat with each other and talk face-to-face during video calls. 
We discovered together the pre-recorded pitches: they were surprising, enthusiastic, highly professional, and often also very funny. It's a wonderful harvest for 2021!

55 projects of long-feature movies were presented this year from 16 European countries, for a total budget of 297 Million EUR, representing 76 hours of animation. The countries who brought the most projects are: France (21), Spain (9), and Denmark, Germany, Romania, and Italy, with 3 projects each.

We've seen a variety of genres ranging from comedy to adventure, dramas, horror, science fiction, documentaries and coming of age stories, among others. This diversity is also reflected in the issues addressed by the stories, as well as in the time frames and settings in which they take place.

Top 10 of the projects
who received the most attention

(until 11/03 17h)

1. Sheba - Maybe Movies (FR)
2. Seraphine - Little Big Story (FR)
3. Cut and Run - Blue Spirit Productions (FR)
4. Ninn - TeamTO (FR)
4. Copperbeak - Ideacinema (IT)
5. Shadows - Autour de Minuit (FR)
6. Arco - Remembers (FR)
7. Marie-Louise, My Little Princess - Pictak (FR)
8. Tsitili - Les Films du Poisson Rouge (FR)
8. Golem - Hausboot (CZ)
9. Red Jungle - Dolce Vita Films (FR)
10. Valentina - Abano Producións (SP)
10. Granny Samurai - the Monkey King and I - Dreamin Dolphin Film (DE)

You'll notice that we have 3 pairs of projects that are tied (in 4th, 8th and 10th position). Five countries (France, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain and Germany) are represented in this Top 10.

A few numbers

1108 feedback forms sent (10-11/03)

479 companies 
(20,3% more than 2020)
45 countries
46,6% women / 53,4% men

307 buyers registered, including
170 distributors and sales agents
13% new buyers compared to 2020

Topics & trends from Cartoon Movie 2021

ADULT ANIMATION. The increasing number of project targeting adults is a trend getting confirmation, with 27% of the projects against 21% last year: "Golem", "Red Jungle", "Igi", "Black is Beltza II: Ainhoa", "Birds Don’t Look Back", "Your Spotted Skin", "Winnipeg, Seeds of Hope", "Pepino the Accordionist", "A Door to the Woods", among others.

ECOLOGY. The fight for the preservation of the climate and for the ecological transition also is of course a subject treated with much attention in animation. For these projects, ecology is at the center of the story: "Starseed", "White Plastic Sky", "The Fire Keeper", or "Cut and Run".

RENOWNED DIRECTORS. It was exciting to see upcoming works by well-known directors such as Jean-Loup Felicioli & Alain Gagnol (“Uncanny Stories”), Ben Stassen (“Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness”), Denis Do (“Sorya”), Salvador Simó (“Caramel's Words”), Jiří Barta (“Golem”), or Anca Damian (“The Island”).

MADE IN NOUVELLE-AQUITAINE REGION. Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region identifies and accompanies each year the new animation talents. This year, 8 projects from Cartoon Movie were made in this region: "Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman", "Marie-Louise, My Little Princess", "My Grandfather’s Demons", "Shadows", "The Character of Rain", "The Midnight King", "Tsitili", and "Winnipeg, Seeds of Hope".

DOCUMENTARIES. In order to talk about difficult subjects, animation seems to be a great instrument to avoid pathos and bring back life into historical journeys. Nowadays more and more documentaries directors choose this media: "Flee", "Flavours of Iraq", or "Adil".

BOOK & COMICS ADAPTATIONS. Books and comics remained an important source of inspiration this year: 33% of the projects were books or comics adaptations. The films were based on works by authors such as Amélie Nothomb (“The Character of Rain”), Marie Desplechin (“Seraphine”), Josefine Ottesen (“Rosa and the Stone Troll”), John Chambers (“Granny Samurai - the Monkey King and I”), Johan Pilet & Jean-Michel Darlot (“Ninn”), Cezar Petrescu (“The Adventure of Fram the Polar Bear”), and Stephen Collins (“The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil”), among others.

Cartoon Movie is still on!

  • The recorded pitches (on the digital platform) remain available until 31 March.
  • There are so many great projects to watch and to discover: continue to fill in the feedback forms as they are an important tool for producers to improve their project. The feedback forms together with the updated attendance list will be sent once a week until 31 March.
  • Don't forget that all the projects' information remain available in the Cartoon mobile application. The archive in the app will keep the events you've attended for 3 years.

Save the date

Cartoon Movie 2022 will happen from 8 to 10 March in Bordeaux.

See you next year!